Industry-Leading Risk & Compliance Solutions

A Wide Range of Options

Compliance programs begin with a clear understanding of your organization’s current program and testing it against industry best practices. We dig deep into your compliance programs ensuring they meet or exceed the required internal, best practice and legislative standards.
We provide guidance with information security and privacy compliance solutions, threat-risk and business impact assessments, and create effective and complete documentation frameworks for your organization. All based specifically on your organizations needs, and all based on a risk aware business decisions.

Guiding Your Internal Team

Internal auditing and threat-risk assessments are another area where Securiix can help small and mid-size businesses. We help your internal teams prepare for enterprise and governing body risk assessments/audits as well as final presentations to management, stakeholders and relevant audit committees. The value of our expertise comes not only as an expert, external consultant, but also as a trusted member of your team.

  • Some of our areas of expertise and solutioning:Preparation for ISO 27001:2013 certification audits
  • Preparation for SSAE 16 and CSAE 3416 accreditations
  • Preparation for Privacy impact assessments in the Government and Health Care Services field

Overall risk and compliance assistance from Securiix will help navigate existing and new regulatory and best practice standards while meeting and exceeding client expectations. We can and will help protect your brand by managing information security, privacy and risk. Through risk-aware remediation decisions, Securiix can help protect your organization against potential legal and regulatory ramifications while improving operations and value.

We deliver strategic, risk aware solutions based on identified business needs which enhance your organizational value as well as support existing and new business opportunities Jeremy Tedes

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