Information Security Governance

Information is critical to a business. Client records, intellectual property, financial information, orders and supply chain needs etc. Every part of an organization will likley contain some form of sensitive information that not only has monetary value but also keeps the business running efficiently.

Securiix knows that the security of your business’ information is of the utmost importance. We offer clients the skills, experience and operational solutions to ensure systems function as intended and remain secure.

Directing and Controlling IT Security

Information Security Governance is the system by which an organization directs, maintains and controls IT security. It is the process of ensuring the proper personnel are tasked with making decisions on risk mitigation and security, accountability, and strategy. What it is NOT is information security management – which is the actual implementation and execution of the strategies.

The first stage of ensuring proper Information Security Governance is by utilizing the latest in assessment methodologies. With these results we can identify gaps and risks efficiently and effectively.

Effective security governance incorporates the following:

  • What is the risk appetite of the organization?
  • Where are the assets and what value do they have?
  • Which leaders are accountable?
  • Is it an institutional, regulatory, or client based requirement?
  • Are adequate resources committed to the appropriate level of risk?

Knowing these and other key issues is at the heart of Securiix’s Information Security Governance strategy.

Implementation and Recommendation

Once the issues have been identified, our team will recommend a complete, fit for purpose solution including a best practice control universe that the new Documentation Framework (policies, procedures, processes, guidelines and standards) will help support. This solution should not only manage information security governance but also support the organizations current regulatory requirements.

Some industry recognized frameworks we employ:

  • ISO 27001:2013 Implementation – A great control framework that combines industry best practices with your corporate requirements.
  • Information Security Policy Development – We develop policies that utilize recognized sources such as NIST, SANS and CIS while ensuring alignment to Operations.
  • Privacy, Threat and Risk Assessments – We can find gaps and rank threats based on your organizations risk structure to your critical assets and provide strategies for risk-aware, cost-effective remediation plans.
  • Education and Training – Demonstrating the highest degree of information risk and security maturity, a trained and educated company can potentially prevent your organization from reputational loss from a security event by creating the apporpriate awareness within your enterprise. Complete training, testing and education can be provided to your company’s staff to help ensure security and risk compliance specific to your IS Governance environment.


We offer clients the skills, experience and operational solutions to ensure systems function as intended and remain secure. Jeremy Tedes

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