Make risk aware decisions based on your business needs with Securiix

Make risk aware decisions
based on your business
needs with Securiix


Welcome to Securiix

Securiix is a professional services company that specializes in Enterprise Cyber Security and Risk Management, Cloud Security and Technology Governance as well as Technology assessments. Securiix provides fit for purpose solutions for any scope that are tailored specifically to your Enterprises needs. Risk is a factor all companies face but, when used strategically, it is a powerful tool that can help make business-aware decisions based on specific needs and corporate goals.

At Securiix we align with business objectives from the beginning; helping to ensure business continuity, reducing disruptions in business operations and ultimately, providing a seamless operation to your clients within a secure environment.
We deliver strategic, risk aware solutions based on identified business needs which enhance your organizational value as well as support existing and net-new business opportunities.
- Jeremy Tedes, Founder

Our Core Values

Every powerful organization relies on a handful of core values that it uses for guidance and implementation of goals and processes.


We never compromise our values – even when no one is watching. We deal with our Clients as we would want to be treated ourselves and honour our agreements to the letter. We work as a Team with our associates, partners, and Clients towards common, beneficial goals. We are open, accurate and honest, even when we know you may not like what you hear. We lead by example in the communities and business industries where we work; through integrity and correct action.

Correct Action

It has been said that practice makes perfect, but we believe it is perfect practice that makes perfect. Doing things right the first time. Creating fit for purpose solutions requires the correct knowledge and complete understanding of each Client to be effectively combined with the industry best practice tools we have at our disposal. We take the time necessary to apply only that which is needed, creating a competent, simplified and synergized solution.


Our professionals are the foundation of our business and are certified experts in their respective fields. When combined with strong Leadership and Teamwork, our experts create efficient, effective, and reliable Solutions for our Clients. Our product is our expertise and our distinction is our excellence.


We listen. Our commitment to service excellence begins with carefully and completely understanding our client’s needs. Excellence is achieved through correct action, determining specific opportunities, being open to new ideas, and finding better ways of working. Success is achieved by exceeding Client expectations through a complete, timely and reliable delivery within our Client's budget.


We set our expectations higher because our clients demand greatness. We treat their goals as our own. Our fit for purpose approach tailors to our clients’ unique requirements. In a competitive, complex business world, timely, accurate and complete delivery is imperative. Our success is measured by the results we produce for our clients and ourselves.

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