Welcome to Securiix

Your information is critical, regardless of your sector or vertical. Using strategy based on risk-aware business decisions, Securiix will help you protect your information using best of breed technology architectures and industry-recognized governance.


What Is Securiix?

Securiix is a professional services company that specializes in Enterprise Risk Management, Information Security and Technology Governance as well as Technology and Operational assessments.
Securiix provides fit for purpose solutions that are tailored specifically to your Enterprises needs.
Risk is a factor all companies face but, when used strategically, it is a powerful tool that can help make business-aware decisions based on specific needs and corporate goals. At Securiix we align with business objectives from the beginning; helping to ensure business continuity, reducing disruptions in business operations and ultimately, providing a seamless operation to your clients within a secure environment.


Navigating the Maze of Compliance

Government regulations and the ability to navigate through constantly changing rules and compliance issues are daunting and take away resources from your core business. Clear guidance and consulting on these and many other compliance-related issues will help mitigate many forms of risk to your business while allowing your organization measurable, consistent methods for information security and risk management.


Why is this so Important?

There are few businesses left in today’s modern IT-based world that don’t rely heavily on their systems functioning as intended or aren’t mired in regulatory/ineffective red tape. Businesses large and small may not have the necessary time or skilled resources to handle all of the risk and governance challenges they face. Environments can change at a moment’s notice and without the proper management and support, data security, revenue and regulatory targets can be missed, threatening operations.


Full Service Support at Every Stage

At Securiix, we know you need that complete assessment and support for all areas of Risk and IS Governance Management. We provide complete services that help you manage your Enterprise’s risk, governance and technology needs. We are a high-quality alternative to other larger consulting firms and can work with you on a one-to-one basis ensuring problems are understood, addressed and ultimately addressed in a manner that assures your satisfaction.

Securiix’s founder and dedicated team are specialists with decades of experience in helping organizations achieve secure, operational efficiencies. We know that each company comes with a distinct set of challenges to solve. Our team can meet those diverse needs and ensure your specific IT, risk management and IT audit functions are met with efficiency and first-rate service.


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